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Cyber sex

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The trouble with whores is they need to feel the power between their legs.

Uploaded by afrika at 00:41 on 25 September


Hurrah! New comics

Posted 23:51
Sun 03 July
by afrika

Exactly that. Enjoy!


Posted 15:49
Sun 15 May
by afrika

Sorry been super busy! So sorry this one is a bit raw but it was a quickie.

Black and white it is.

Posted 07:50
Sat 09 April
by afrika

Well, colour looks down right beautiful but it will tend to make stuff look way more filthy in future. Not that I'm necessarily against that, however, the point is to make fun of porn and to keep things light which means not TOO disugsting. Plus black and white makes everything classy right?

Colour finally reaches the internet!

Posted 09:16
Fri 08 April
by afrika

Hmmm, not sure about this colour thing? What you think?

Another satisfied customer

Posted 00:03
Fri 25 March
by afrika

Latest customer testimonial "...those things are nasty"

Jerk off to the first three comics

Posted 18:49
Sun 20 March
by afrika

Woop! Three to look at. New comics to be added weekly or sooner if I have the time. Check back often perverts!

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